What a busy time I’ve been having lately! Getting our house fixed up to put on the market and picking out the design elements of our new house! Everything else has been on the back burner.

Where do I begin? New insurance coverage as of August 1st. Hubby got a job with Kaiser Permanente and we will be covered under Kaiser. Only problem was that he didn’t have me added - somehow didn’t happen. So for a while I was technically covered, but had no way to prove that I was. I just heard today that I have a record number through them. I couldn’t have been happier when I heard the voice mail that my hip surgeries have been approved! 

Here’s the kicker - originally the surgery scheduler for one of the surgeons was planning on my surgery for September 30. But, I am not eligible for FMLA through my employer (or by law) until I have been employed with them for 1 year. That would be on December 9 this year. So I returned the call explaining this situation (and reminded her that she needed to coordinate the surgery w/ the labral tear surgery with a different surgeon in the practice) and didn’t get a return call. The deciding factor for me was the fact that my hubs and I have a scheduled vacation the week after Thanksgiving that is completely non refundable. He says he’s not going…. understand that there are financial constraints due to building our new home, but for the love! We aren’t getting the money back for the reservations!

Today I also had an appointment with my ob-gyn/endocrine dude doctor for follow-up on labs that I had drawn a month ago, checking for PCOS or Insulin Resistance. And I do have one or the other or both depending on your thought process on the subject. I could honestly care less about my flipping ovaries when my cardiovascular health is in severe jeopardy. Dad died at 44 from having pretty much all of his coronary arteries blocked; mom just had a carotid endarterectomy for blockage. So the plan is appetite suppressant, metformin, low carb diet, possible carotid artery ultrasound. Possibly need a statin drug too. I’ve lost 6.6 pounds in a month. Weight is secondary in my opinion. I’d just like to feel better at this point.

Now just waiting for the doctor’s office to call and get the surgeries scheduled.

Here we go… Hoping this hip appt goes well. Really want to get my surgeries scheduled!

Called in sick to work. My body hurts so bad. Someone should take me out of the game!

Things I’m good at - Chronic Illness version:


  • Not complaining when in loads of pain
  • Swallowing several pills at once
  • Not sleeping at night
  • Sleeping all day
  • Waiting patiently in doctors’ offices
  • Knowing more about my prescription medication than most pharmacists
  • Knowing more about my illness(es) than most doctors
  • Having memorized the phone numbers of my insurance company, pharmacy, PCP…
  • Cancelling plans at the last minute
  • Tripping over my own feet
  • Not leaving the house for days

So True, unfortunately!

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Low carb diet day #2 of <50 carbs/day starts out with bacon and eggs… yummy!

Not excited about yard work…

Damn dog took up half the bed and snored all night long! Body feels like shit and I am faced with a lot of manual labor today. Hurts already.

Damn dog took up half the bed and snored all night long! Body feels like shit and I am faced with a lot of manual labor today. Hurts already.

4 hours in the office complete. And, went to WW. Lost 1.2lbs. So that’s good news! Taking it easy for the rest of the day. Watching SOA and lying in bed. Pain’s a bitch!

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Just woke up and am exhausted. Have to go in to the office for a few hours today :( I have 3 appointments next week to make up for and too much work on my plate not to. Luckily one of those is not a doctor’s appointment. We’ll be building a new home and will start the design process!!!! So that is exciting!

Update on my medical situation - appetite suppressant, metformin, and low carb diet for my newly diagnosed PCOS. Appointment Monday for the hip surgeon.