And another…

… doctors appointment. Mom is picking me up from work. Not thrilled about making up the missed time at work. Pain today is about a 7/10 - constant hip aching.


I’m having commitment issues with this whole “in pain for the rest of your life” thing…

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Move night

Romantic Comedy Theme…

No Strings Attached
Friends With Benefits

This is what the rest of my day consists of…. Ahhhhh….

Woke up with a pain medication hangover. So tired.

Today consists of grocery shopping, Costco, car wash, a nap and a hot bath.

Hoping to keep those Sunday anxiety attacks away.

Feel like today has been a complete waste. Lying around, trying to get comfortable. Feeling emotional about my pain. Very thankful for my amazing and understanding family. Hubby and mom don’t expect much from me during a flare, and will keep me company while I do nothing all day.

Reminder to self: ask doc for more effective pain meds. I’ll try anything right now!

All over pain has kept me down all day. Not sure how it can be so exhausting.